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Our zigbee HA 1.2-certified RapidHA application framework significantly reduces development effort and time to market for your device. In typical integration scenarios, the RapidHA serial protocol command interface may be leveraged by a connected Host application to exercise the RapidHA firmware to perform complex ZigBee tasks.



Our zigbee SE 1.1b-certified RapidSE application framework abstracts zigbee Smart Energy functions to a simple serial protocol. RapidSE is availble for both ESPs and HAN devices, giving developers of any Smart Energy device a way to quickly ring their products to the zigbee platform. Out RapidSE framework also includes a feature rich desktop application which allows for quick demos of customer Smart Energy products

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Zigbee 3.0-certified solution Coming Soon!

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RapidConnect Lighting & Sensors

Our zigbee HA 1.2 and ControlScope certified RapidConnect Lighting & Sensor solution. Coming Soon !