Our Services

We've worked to create a solution that is as universal as possible. But we know that no two customers have the same needs.

Customers looking to integrate RapidConnect can do so completely independently, with MMB's assistance — or somewhere in between. Options include:

DIY with a RapidConnect Development Kit
RapidConnect Development Kits provide the tools and support to integrate RapidConnect into your products with your own development resources. This is ideal for customers with embedded development expertise, and new products that can make use of the RapidConnect serial protocol or Java API.
Contracted Development
You can also take advantage of our hardware, software, and firmware developers to assist with your integration. From adapting RapidConnect to your device's existing protocol, to designing customized hardware, to full integration and application development.
Supported Services
MMB Networks offers additional support, providing access to the support and software maintenance services, including troubleshooting and identification of communications issues, diagnostics, RF capture reviews, liaising with test houses and partners, and interoperability testing support.