Not just another ZigBee Module

New! MMB announces new Freescale/NXP KW22 based 802.15.4 module to support ZigBee and Thread applications. Specifications and ordering information coming soon!

MMB’s RapidConnect modules provide an automated ZigBee connectivity solution that dramatically reduces development cost, and connects your products to multiple markets.

Most wireless modules help get you over the RF design challenge, but still leave you with the challenge of building and supporting a substantial network application. All RapidConnect modules include MMB’s RapidConnect embedded software. More than just a reference design or an AT command set, RapidConnect is a fully automated ZigBee Smart Energy or Home Automation embedded software package, accessible via a simple serial interface, or adaptable to your products’ existing protocols. This lets you focus resources on your products while providing a robust, field-hardened networking platform that can evolve with future standards.

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RapidConnect modules are designed to offer a complete connectivity solution for your products now, and in the future. All our modules include adjustable power amplification (up to 20dBm), chip antennas, and on-board serial flash, supporting over-the-air upgrades without requiring the addition of external components to your product.

Flexible Options for any Application

MMB Networks’ RapidConnect ZigBee modules have been deployed in a wide range of ZigBee-certified products and devices and are designed with flexible options for a variety of applications. RapidConnect modules are available in configurations including chip or U.FL antenna, surface mount, multi-SIP, or “USNAP” form factors. They can also be software configured for different power amplification levels, supporting different geographic markets with a single SKU.


Key Features:

  • Includes RapidConnect embedded software
  • Power amplified 20 dBm, software configurable for regional compliance
  • UART or SPI communication options
  • Available with in multiple configurations and antenna options.




RapidConnect ZigBee Module Datasheet (Z357PA2x)

RapidConnect ZigBee Module Datasheet (Z357PA4x | Increased GPIOs)

Available for purchase at:

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