Unlocking New Market Opportunities: A Fast Track to Certification

Unlocking New Market Opportunities: A Fast Track to Certification

By: Daniel Moneta, CMO & VP Corporate Development, MMB Networks // Board Member and Marketing Working Group Chair, Zigbee Alliance

Earlier this year, the Zigbee Alliance launched the Certification Transfer Program. This program enables both member companies and, for the first time, non-member companies to market and sell Certified Products from a different member company while maintaining that product’s certified status under their own brand. The team here at MMB Networks is excited for what this new program is poised to accomplish for the industry, and our customers.

The program includes the flexibility to make reasonable modifications to the product such as designing a new enclosure, changing product packaging, or altering the user interface. This means that a single member’s Certified Product can be redesigned and remarketed to meet the needs of many different users, aesthetics, or price points.

Creating innovation in the interoperability space is what gets our team out of bed in the morning. So, needless to say, we’re already looking for opportunities to leverage this program to the fullest.

Delivering On The Promise Of The IoT With Dotdot + Thread // Part Two

Thread specification is already available and the Dotdot specification is available to Zigbee Alliance members with certification and testing going live soon. Right now, the best way forward is to join both organizations, get access to the early specs, and see how your peers and the industry are moving forward with Dotdot and Thread...

Delivering on the Promise of the IoT with Dotdot + Thread // Part One

That’s because we’ve been building the IoT in ways we know don’t work! We’ve been through all this before. The early days of the Internet looked a lot like today’s IoT: America Online, Compuserve, MSN, and others. “Walled gardens” with proprietary interfaces forced you to choose which “Internet” you would be part of...