We've spent over 10 years refining and evolving our hardware and software solutions to meet the needs of as many IoT device vendors as possible. This enables most of our customers to launch successful IoT products using our off-the-shelf hardware and firmware. However, we know that customizations and co-development are sometimes required to overcome hurdles and get a product to market.


Contracted Development

MMB offers Contracted Development services to help customers with differing skills, focus, and resourcing needs. Example scenarios include:

  • Products with unique interoperability requirements. For example, a custom platform that differs slightly from the open IoT standards.
  • Customers without the skills or resource availability to complete their own development using our RapidConnect Development Kit.
  • Customers that would like a "drop-in" IoT interoperability solution that is adapted to their device's native serial protocol and will not require any changes to their existing firmware.

In all of these cases, we start the contracted development process by helping to document the key requirements for the product. Then we provide a quote and formal Statement of Work for the custom hardware and software development services. Contact an MMB Account Manager to discuss your product requirements and start the quoting process.

Premium Support

Some of our customers choose to complete their own development using a RapidConnect Development Kit and then encounter a project phase during which they require extensive and/or urgent interactions with our team. To provide faster response times and an escalated level of support, we offer Premium Support services to these customers.

The following types of tasks can be included in a Premium Support Agreement:

  • General Q&A about Zigbee, Thread, and IoT standards (beyond the extensive materials that are freely available in our Knowledge Base)
  • Completing PICS documentation or liaising with platform vendors and test houses
  • Troubleshooting interoperability with devices that have not passed applicable IoT certification testing (e.g. Zigbee Certified)

Contact us to learn more about how our Contracted Development and Premium Support services can help you reach your IoT goals.