RapidConnect USB Sticks

RapidConnect USB Sticks utilize the same EM357 SoC as our other modules, but it offers a convenient USB stick form factor. It can serve as a companion to the RapidSE Desktop Software or as a simple way to add ZigBee connectivity to any device with a USB port.

The USB stick utilizes a power amplified radio (20 dBm) and can be flashed through our RapidSE Desktop Software to serve as a coordinator, router, or end device on a ZigBee network.

Key Features:

  • Based on EM357 SoC
  • Includes RapidConnect embedded software
  • RX Sensitivity: -106 dBm
  • Power amplified TX (21 dBm)
  • Dimensions (excluding USB connector): 80mm x 22mm x 10mm
  • 192 kB Flash, plus 512kB of serial flash
  • 127 dB link budget