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RapidConnect Lighting & Sensor

The RapidConnect Lighting & Sensor Development Kit provides all the tools you'll need to quickly integrate Zigbee communication in your lighting or sensor device and complete simple demonstrations of wireless control and monitoring.

What's in the Kit?

The RapidConnect Lighting & Sensor Development Kit includes the following hardware:

RapidConnect Lighting & Sensor Evaluation Board:

The RapidConnect Lighting & Sensor Evaluation Board is pre-loaded with the RapidConnect Lighting & Sensor firmware and includes peripherals to showcase the key features of that firmware.

RapidConnect USB Stick:

The RapidConnect USB Stick can be used in conjunction with our RapidConnect Desktop software (available as a free download) to form a Zigbee network and control/monitor the RapidConnect Lighting & Sensor Evaluation Board and other Zigbee devices.


MMB Gateway


When developing a custom IoT platform, time to market and ease of development are critical. Leveraging MMB's 10 years of experience in IoT platform deployments, our Linux gateway allows users to quickly get connected. 

It is the ideal solution for customers looking to deploy their own IoT platform. Industry standard interfaces include ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB, and Zigbee (enabled using MMB's RapidConnect firmware). With minimal development effort, the RapidConnect Gateway can be configured to form a Zigbee network, connect to other devices, and communicate their data to a cloud connection.

The RapidConnect Gateway contains numerous software libraries which are available in PythonJava, and C/C++ allowing product developers to work in their preferred language. 

Many customization options exist so that the RapidConnect gateway can be configured to match your existing brand. The enclosure colour and top printing can be customized. The RapidConnect Gateway includes seven LEDs, which can be programmed through software to indicate different types of status or error messages.

Complemented by MMB's world-class support and software resources, the RapidConnect Gateway will minimize your development effort and shorten the time to market for your new IoT ecosystem. 

Compatible Software Solutions:

This hardware is compatible with the following solutions:

To learn more about the complete portfolio of solutions that MMB offers, view our Software Compatibility Matrix.


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