Markets Overview

Smart Energy

The interest in energy efficiency and smart grid technologies has grown significantly over the past several years. Simultaneously, there is a strong demand from users, generators and policy makers to improve our energy efficiency and bring smarter technologies to market.


In an attempt to flatten out the demand curve, utilities are encouraging users to be more strategic with their energy use, through time-of-use and dynamic pricing programs. However, relying on behavioural change alone is insufficient to address the immediate needs of utilities, and misses significant cost-saving opportunities for users. The effectiveness of the system will depend not just on the connectedness and communicativeness of the grid, but on the appliances and devices that can participate.

Highly incentivized by growing consumer demand, large-scale industrial investment, and lucrative government programs, manufacturers are racing to bring their next-generation, energy-aware products to market. MMB Networks helps them simplify this process, achieving significantly reduced development times and associated costs.

Home Automation


The interest from consumers for Home Automation (HA) applications to increase comfort and security have grown significantly over the last several years. Simultaneously, large new entrants have begun deploying systems in large volumes. With the development of new open wireless mesh networking standards, HA is no longer confined to luxury and DIY homes, but is now accessible to the broader consumer market.

Wireless and mobile technology has made it possible for consumers to access their HA system from anywhere in the world. Wireless technologies have opened a whole new business segment for innovation.

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