The increasing convergence of the Home Automation, Smart Energy and Communications markets has opened up new revenue streams for Multiple Service Operators (MSOs) such as Telecom Operators. MSOs are strategically well-placed in the ecosystem to provide end-to-end Home Automation systems to customers by leveraging their set-top-box or internet routers as gateways to control a host of smart appliances. Whether it’s lighting controls, automated door locks, HVAC, security cameras, or a host of other home automation systems, MSOs have an opportunity to become the single conduit into a connected home. All of these devices can be accessed and controlled through mobile applications on smart phones, PCs, or tablets.

MMB Networks enables MSOs to deliver this functionality to their customers by simply plugging in our RapidConnect USB Sticks to their set-top-box or router to communicate with smart devices in the connected home.

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