RapidConnect Lighting & Sensor



Many lighting and building automation vendors have recognized that wireless control systems can add significant value to their products. However, it can be difficult to get to market quickly with a robust and reliable solution that meets the requirements of the leading Zigbee-based platforms such as Current by GE's Daintree ControlScope system.

To that end, MMB has created the RapidConnect Lighting & Sensor firmware to run on our world-class RapidConnect hardware, providing out-of-the-box compatibility with Daintree ControlScope and other systems based on the Zigbee HA 1.2 (and soon Zigbee 3.0) specifications.

Simply put, RapidConnect Lighting & Sensor offers the easiest possible path to building a Zigbee-enabled lighting or sensor product!

Compatible With These Vendor Platforms



The RapidConnect Lighting & Sensor firmware offers all of the field-proven interoperability benefits of RapidConnect, pre-configured to support specific lighting control and sensing applications. Using RapidConnect Lighting & Sensor firmware, you can build an effective connected lighting or sensor product without writing any code!

RapidConnect Lighting & Sensor firmware supports all of the mandatory Zigbee clusters and attributes that are required to join HA 1.2 or ControlScope networks, including endpoints for a Dimmable Light, Occupancy Sensor, and Illuminance Measurement Sensor. It also includes features like Auto-Join and a Factory Reset button to simplify the commissioning and troubleshooting of the final product.

We want your customers to see your brand when they join your product to a wireless network. For this reason, the Manufacturer and Model information for each device can be customized using simple serial commands during manufacturing.


Compatible Hardware

The RapidConnect Lighting & Sensor solution is compatible with the following hardware: 

RapidConnect Lighting & Sensor Evaluation Board

RapidConnect Module*

*Note: RapidConnect Lighting & Sensor was designed for operation against MMB's Z357PA40 module, which features the EM357 SoC from Silicon Labs. We are currently working to add support for our BSB03PA1x modules, which feature SoCs from the EFR32 series from Silicon Labs.


Development Kit


The RapidConnect Lighting & Sensor Development Kit provides all the tools you'll need to quickly integrate Zigbee communication in your lighting or sensor device and complete simple demonstrations of wireless control and monitoring.

What's in the Kit?

The RapidConnect Lighting & Sensor Development Kit includes the following hardware:

RapidConnect Lighting & Sensor Evaluation Board:

The RapidConnect Lighting & Sensor Evaluation Board is pre-loaded with the RapidConnect Lighting & Sensor firmware and includes peripherals to showcase the key features of that firmware.

RapidConnect USB Stick:

The RapidConnect USB Stick can be used in conjunction with our RapidConnect Desktop software (available as a free download) to form a Zigbee network and control/monitor the RapidConnect Lighting & Sensor Evaluation Board and other Zigbee devices.


Tools & Support

To learn more about RapidConnect Lighting & Sensor and to get started with your testing and demonstrations, view our Knowledge Base pages here: