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Trust in Our Team of Experts

Connectivity may be new for the world, but not for us.
Our team is made up of some of the world’s foremost experts in Smart Energy solutions.

Leadership Team built to deliver results

Welcome to MMB Networks

MMB is a most trusted connectivity partner, building products that move humanity forward. We’re a one -stop Smart Energy shop, guiding the world’s largest brands at any stage of development, from strategy, to concepting, to design, to manufacturing to shipping at scale, all to create truly purposeful and secure products.

The IoT Game Changers

We have some of the most brilliant minds in connectivity and we’re proud to show that off. As a team, we don’t just do our jobs in isolation. We’re all thinkers together.

Our Experience Builds Products

Our team of connectivity geeks guide clients at any stage of development; from strategy to design, manufacturing to shipping at scale, all to create truly purposeful products.

Our Story

How it Started:

The M, M, and B story started after our first four years of wireless connected product experience right out of school. We were the first employees into a new technology startup and had to learn quickly about an entirely new market. After four years of delivering innovative solutions into the hospitality and energy sectors we decided there was a better way. A better way to work with our colleauges, a better way to work with our customers and a better way to engage with our partners. We decided to found MMB with the same guiding principles we hold today. We knew we were onto something as we had our first customer within a week of opening up shop, and had several projects and our first employees hired within the first year. We had built a reputation for delivering innovative solutions in our previous lives and now we were building our reputation for delivering those solutions but with more complexity and larger scale.



How it’s Going:

We still hold our founding principles to this day: Transparency, Accountability and Performance. We are always transparent with our customers, employees and partners. We believe in holding ourselves to account and delivering what has been promised and what our customers expect. We deliver leading connected product solutions that push the envelope of what is possible. We do this by being open with our customers about what is possible and known and what is a risk and how to migitate it. We do this by holding every team member to account and delivering an environment where they can attain their maximum performance. This focus allows us to stay fixed on each of our goals. We deliver solutions that have world leading performance, quality and security. We provide our thought leadership to the industry through participation in standards Alliances. We help shape the connected market through our advice and strategy.

Coming Full Circle:

Smart Energy Networking and Communication. We’ve been working on Smart Energy products since the company’s inception in 2007. Since that time, we’ve delivered multiple products and shipped over half a million units into this market. Creating leading edge products for Residential Solar, Smart Metering, and Solar Tracking just to name a few. By focusing on this key area of our business, our knowledge in the space continues to grow exponentially as we deliver leading edge solutions that support our customers. This allows us to expand into new areas of the solution, and understand the applications and use cases with even greater expertise.

Grow with MMB

It’s the human experience that guides our product design, not a proclivity towards a specific technology or network standard. When we put our heads together, there is no problem that is too complicated or challenging.


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