Connected products are a long term commitment.

Making the right decisions today ensures you’ll meet customer expectations on day one, and day one thousand. 


Achieve Your Goals

Build a Resilient IoT Strategy

We can help you by matching your product vision and business goals with the right technologies

How We Can Help

  • Design around your product/use case
  • Help with new design solutions
  • Select the right technologies for the right markets
  • Understand industry and channel roadmaps

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Expand Into More Markets

Get to Market Fast

We can get your products to market quickly with our family of hardware and software, backed by our development services

How We Can Help

  • Add extra IoT development resources to your team
  • Use our pre-built solutions to maximize your product’s compatibility

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Build Securely at Scale

Fully Supported Manufacturing

We can fully support your production with scalable designs and tools, or even provide full-turnkey manufacturing

How We Can Help

  • Design a secure IoT manufacturing solution
  • Take you from prototype, to production, then to scale

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Keep Products Relevant

Keep Products Up to Date

Our team of experts ensures you’re able to keep your products up-to-date with the evolving needs of your customers, business goals, and the industry

How We Can Help

  • Keep you up to date with industry standards
  • Plan your own roadmaps to meet future needs

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Real World Solutions

Unlock a Bigger Market

Spectrum Brands

MMB’s RapidConnect interoperability software enabled Spectrum’s Kwikset, Weiser, and Baldwin door locks to connect to multiple major smart home platforms — Including SmartThings, Xfinity, Crestron, and Amazon — even though each had substantially different requirements.

We adapted our module and software to their existing form factors and protocols to upgrade any off-the-shelf lock to be a robust, secure, smart lock.

We Know Connected Homes

Zen Ecosystems

We worked with Zen to design a thermostat purpose-built for the connected home. Our knowledge and relationships with major smart home platforms brought insight to the features most important for both consumers and service providers.

Our RF designs and market-tested RapidConnect interoperability software ensured their device passed their customers’ rigorous tests. Amongst other major wins, Zen is now the official Comcast Xfinity thermostat.

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