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We work closely with our clients to find the perfect connectivity solution, no matter the scope or difficulty.

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Overcome Obstacles and Get to Market Ahead of Your Competition.

We’re one of the oldest and most experienced Smart Energy companies, made up of some of the top connectivity experts and pioneers in the world.


Building a resilient smart energy project roadmap.


A great strategy starts by matching your product vision and business goals with the right technologies.


Choose the right parts and protocols for your use case and application, with an eye to cost, security, and future proofing.


Test risks, dependencies and assumptions up front, to avoid course corrections down the road and ensure you’re building the right solution.



Product Design

Leverage our experience fostering connected products through the entire development process quickly and securely.


From the requirements and ecosystem, to specialized firmware, hardware and software, our team of expert thinkers will design a thoughtful architecture and secure solution from the ground up.



Whether we’re building wireless hardware, embedded firmware, manufacturing systems or cloud connectivity – MMB specializes in all aspects of connected product development with decades of experience.


We know how to break things. From application layer testing, pre-certification services, and RF emissions pre-testing, we can make sure your products work as intended and meet the required specifications.



We work closely with our Third-party test houses for RF testing, regionally specific power and safety regulatory certifications and specific technology certifications like Zigbee and Wi-SUN. In our history we have helped our customers achieve certifications across dozens of products and jurisdictions.


We can fully support your production with scalable designs and tools, or even provide full-turnkey manufacturing.


MMB works with leading package suppliers to provide any range of packaging from a plain cardboard box to a high end consumer gift box.



MMB’s manufacturing partners can assemble the latest surface mount technologies down to impossibly small 01005 parts.


End-of-Line Test

We develop our end of line test for your product around our industry leading platform to ensure every unit meets your performance and security requirements.



MMB can develop tooling and create any mechanical parts required for your product. Plastics, metals and labelling are all handled through one seamless program.



MMB and our partners regularly perform the complete box build for our customers. This includes the PCBAs, enclosures, accessories, packaging and documentation. We can ship finished products ready to be placed into your customer’s hands.


Our team of experts ensures you’re able to keep your products up-to-date with the evolving needs of your customers, business goals, and the industry.

Standards & Regulation Updates

Connectivity protocol specifications and requirements are constantly changing. We can help keep your products relevant and your customers happy.


Field Upgrades

Have a plan in place to securely and easily update deployed products over time.



We’ll help you create an effective and secure strategy for when the time comes to eventually retire products in the field.

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