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We’ve enabled Fortune 500’s and crowdfunded startups. We’ll help you create a resilient IoT strategy that meets your go-to-market and long-term goals. We’ve built our software, hardware, tools, and services to get you there.

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MMB’s off-the-shelf hardware is designed to be used in conjunction with our RapidConnect firmware and tools, providing the fastest possible path to market for our customers.

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Getting to Market is Easier With MMB

No RF Expertise Required
Focus on your product and leave the complexities of connectivity to MMB

Easy Proof of Concept Development
Quickly build a POC that can be manufactured at scale

Simple Path to Market
Pre-certified, tested, and deployable components

Built-in Interoperability
Sell to multiple platforms, markets, and channels, with minimal SKUs

From Concept to Production
We can focus on IoT strategy, design, manufacturing, and maintenance

Get to Market Faster
Reduce delays and meet deadlines with less engineering time and effort

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