Why Stop at the Smart Home? Hello, Smart City!




MMB Networks has joined the Wi-SUN Alliance.


Why Wi-SUN?

It’s a wide area network technology that’s shaping up to be the preeminent choice for solutions providers across the world to create sustainable and scalable networks for Smart City and Utility Infrastructure applications. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that we’ve been actively working with Wi-SUN for a while now and have successfully developed and deployed Wi-SUN based applications.

In order to serve the smart city, smart utility, and other large-scale deployment markets, we very quickly recognized a need to help further develop wide area technologies and have since joined the Wi-SUN Alliance to further that mission.

Ultimately, we needed to look at this protocol in the same forward-thinking way that we have with the other protocols like Bluetooth, WiFi, Zigbee, and Thread that we’ve been developing with for quite a few years. This level of participation and leadership in standards organizations allows us to get in on the ground floor with industry changing initiatives – one of the most recent and notable being Project CHIP.

Our membership ensures we can help promote wider adoption of Wi-SUN, gain access to and contribute requirements to the specifications, and meet with industry professionals that are actively implementing solutions around the world.


Who benefits from this? Our Customers!

As with all of the other connectivity technologies that we leverage in our own and our customers’ products, we are always striving to ensure we’re at the cutting edge. By contributing to and in some cases, leading the development of the specifications – we’ve been able to help shape those technologies to ensure our customer’s interests and product roadmaps are reflected.

And, at the same time we’re fulfilling our company-wide drive to create amazing customer experiences.

MMB Networks joins Wi-SUN Alliance
We’re bringing our unique approach to building IoT solutions to Smart City, Utility, and Infrastructure projects around the world.


What’s next for MMB and Wi-SUN?

In the end, any organization that is striving to create a Field Area Network with a considerable number of nodes spread across great distances needs to take a serious look at the benefits of Wi-SUN.

It’s a robust, secure, interoperable, open, and scalable solution based on IEEE 802.15.4g wireless standards. This means any solution that requires low power consumption in devices that are spread quite a distance apart from each other will benefit from a Mesh Network that is field tested, flexible, and will produce highly reliable connectivity even in the most challenging of environments.


We’re Ready to Help.

The product development process can take a considerable amount of time – and technology protocols used in those products are ever-evolving. Knowing exactly where to start and what to focus on can be a daunting task even for the most seasoned of product development teams.

Luckily, we’ve been around the block a few times. With over a decade of experience in low power wireless connectivity, we work with global brands to help them drive their connectivity strategy, development, manufacturing, and ongoing maintenance.

If you have questions about Wi-SUN, don’t hesitate to reach out – we’ve got the answers.

Otherwise, keep an eye out in the next coming months as we deliver insights around driving successful solutions in the Smart City and Smart Utility space with Wi-SUN.



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