MMB Gen2 Wi-SUN mPCle Card

Key Features

  • 30dBm output for long range
  • MMB Networks provides support
  • Low cost
  • We are connectivity experts in the Wi-SUN space since 2020
  • Can support custom applications on top of Wi-SUN and with any Wi-SUN certified devices
  • 15 years of connectivity experience

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Dimensions: 30mm x 51mm X 4mm
Please see Product Brief for full specifications


The MMB Gen2 Wi-SUN mPCle network interface card (NIC) is here to revolutionize the IIoT. Designed for seamless integration with industrial PCs and gateways and built to deliver flawless connectivity to large field area Wi-SUN networks. Includes dual-band capability of 868MHz and 915MHz to ensure worldwide compatibility. This NIC is also available as a standalone Wi-SUN Networking Module.

Since 2007, MMB Networks has been delivering robust, and innovative connectivity solutions that solve the toughest IoT challenges. In 2020, MMB delivered its first Wi-SUN NIC solution, and we have shipped hundreds of thousands of nodes that are in use today.

This mPCIe card makes it possible to add Wi-SUN connectivity easily to existing Hardware platforms that support the mPCIe form factor. This will expand the addressable market for the Hardware platform and ensure that more technologies are supported.