MMB Thread Mesh Extender

Key Features

  • Ideal platform for building applications with Matter and other emerging application layers
  • Maximum network range with minimal energy consumption.

  • Compatible with existing onsite 802.11 b/g/n and Ethernet network connectivity backbones.

  • Work in your own dev environment with an off the shelf gateway based on the popular and well-supported Espressif ESP32

Get the Specs


  • Dimensions 91.9 x 76.9 x 26 mm


When developing a custom IoT ecosystem, time to market and ease of development are critical. Leveraging OpenThread technology and over a decade of experience in IoT product development, the MMB Thread Border Router allows users to create a local Thread Mesh network and connect your Thread devices directly to the Internet.

When optionally configured as a Thread Mesh Extender, it allows users to expand their network for large scale deployments. It is the ideal platform for customers looking to deploy their own Thread- based IoT solution for consumer or commercial applications. With minimal development effort, the MMB Thread Border Router can be configured to form a network, connect to other devices, and communicate data to the cloud, all while supporting your custom applications.