RapidConnect Gateway API

Key Features

GAPI is a fully featured, easy-to-use software application framework for commercial and consumer IoT gateways.

  • Powerful: GAPI’s high-level application programming interfaces radically simplify your application’s control of the network and connected IoT devices
  • Simple: Easily commission, manage and control devices as simple objects with intuitive interfaces (e.g. LightDevice.on())
  • Complete: Full suite of support for all device classes in the Zigbee Cluster Library (ZCL), and deployable sample applications ready for you to modify and expand
  • Portable: GAPI is written in Java and operates as a collection of libraries and services in your Java Runtime Environment (JRE)


  • Minimum 800MHZ single-core ARM7 CPU or equivalent
  • 20MB Disk Space
  • 128MB RAM
  • Serially connected RapidConnect hardware operating RapidConnect 3.4.x or higher
  • Linux OS
  • JRE 8 or 9 (Oracle or Open), optimized for use with Embedded JRE’s


GAPI operates against MMB’s proven RapidConnect application firmware, providing a rock-solid RF foundation for your IoT applications.

GAPI offers of a suite of Java libraries, services and API’s that may be exercised by your application:

  • Easy runtime configuration of MMB’s RapidConnect firmware
  • Light-touch device commissioning, control and service discovery
  • OTA upgrade management services
  • Debugging and Passthrough interfaces