RapidConnect USB Demo Board

Key Features

  • Utilizes a RapidConnect Module with EFR32 SoC
  • Includes RapidConnect embedded firmware
  • UART communication by default, with SPI available through firmware update

Download Datasheet


  • TX Power: 19 dBm
  • RX Sensitivity: -103 dBm
  • 122 dB link budget
  • Dimensions: 80mm x 22mm x 10mm


The RapidConnect Demo Board is a flexible piece of hardware that provides simple interfaces to connect a RapidConnect Module to other devices for prototype or production purposes. Unlike the RapidConnect Development Board, the RapidConnect Module is soldered in place on the RapidConnect Demo Board.

The product can be used to quickly add Zigbee, Thread or BLE interfaces to any product with a USB port — either as a retrofit to deployed Hardware or during a protoype or production phase.

The RapidConnect Demo Board also features a USB interface to allow it to be connected to a PC running the RapidConnect Desktop software for testing and serial firmware upgrades.

Many of our customers produce early prototypes of their new Zigbee-connected devices using a RapidConnect Demo Board, completing their initial evaluation and demonstrations before updating their PCB design to directly integrate a RapidConnect Zigbee Module.