Key Features

  • Sell to multiple platforms, markets, and channels, with minimum SKUs.
  • Add connectivity to your devices within weeks.
  • Dramatically cut down the costs of product development.
  • Ensure market acceptance with proven connectivity and support.


RapidConnect is a runtime-configurable Zigbee 3.0 application framework, operating on MMB’s best-in-class hardware, and designed for integration into OEM devices. It is the culmination of over a decade of experience with Zigbee networking in residential, commercial, and industrial applications, and it will save you time and money at every juncture of the Zigbee product development process.


RapidConnect Core operates on the EFR32 family of SoCs from Silicon Labs. It is a runtime-configurable application framework, with built-in support for useful features and complex application logic not found in standard silicon vendor offerings.

Runtime Application Configuration

Designed for rapid integration with your existing Host MCU, using the RapidConnect Serial Protocol
Breaks the limitations of fixed, compile-time application configuration of features and functionality
Configure any endpoints, clusters and attributes during runtime
Supports up to (32) endpoints and a total of (100) clusters across all endpoints
Robust OTA Upgrade Implementation and support for upgrades to newer versions of RapidConnect
Interfaces for quick implementation of OTA Host MCU upgrades (i.e. the MCU that is communicating serially with the RapidConnect Module)

RapidConnect Serial Protocol Support

A compressed and highly-simplified interface to Zigbee 3.0 functionality
Superior functional depth and ease of use in comparison to existing direct serial interfaces to commercially available Zigbee stacks
Provides an effective means for the device co-processor to easily exercise the RapidConnect firmware when required
The RapidConnect Serial Protocol is clearly documented and sample applications are available
Serial Libraries (including Java, Python, and others) to further simplify your Host integration development

RapidConnect Desktop

When developing an IoT product, interoperability testing should happen early and often. We created RapidConnect Desktop to provide a simple UI to assist our customers in their Zigbee development, testing, and troubleshooting activities. With the RapidConnect Development Kit, and RapidConnect Desktop, a developer with limited Zigbee knowledge to set up a Zigbee demonstration out-of-the-box.

RapidConnect Desktop offers the following features:

  • Powerful Java desktop application available for Windows and MacOS
  • Provides facilities for exercising the RapidConnect Serial Protocol and controlling RapidConnect-enabled hardware out of the box
  • Allows users to spin up complex demos in minutes
  • XML input files allow for saving and reusing complex device configurations

RapidConnect Desktop is an excellent development tool for observing and understanding the RapidConnect Serial Protocol, general Zigbee network concepts, and specific device behaviours