Not Just Another wireless module.  
Not Just Another Custom Design Shop.

MMB Networks provides customers with a best of both worlds experience: the expertise and customization of a full-service design shop, with the cost and time-to-market of an out-of-the-boxhardware and software platform. 

Customers looking to integrate ZigBee and/or Thread can do so completely independently with RapidConnect Development Kits. Or take advantage of MMB’s experience and resources to assist with integration; from adapting RapidConnect to your device’s existing protocols, to designing custom hardware, to full integration support. 

Our goal is to get you connected quickly, affordably and reliably, to the markets you’re pursuing today — and tomorrow.


What is RapidConnect?

RapidConnect embedded software platform enables IoT devices across major connected home systems, including Icontrol Networks’ OpenHomeTM. RapidConnect automates robust, market-tested ZigBee networking, and adapts to different connected home ecosystems — so you can focus on your device, not interoperability.

RapidConnect is much more than the typical AT command set on most IoT modules; it automatically performs complex tasks such as network joining, service discovery, event caching and command processing, abstracting them over a simple serial or Java-based API.



ZigBee Integration Challenges

With wide availability of RF modules like MMB’s the biggest gap in connectivity is not hardware, but the software to connect to a variety of similar, but unique platforms. MMB removes this burden with fully developed and automated embedded software that is market-ready out of the box, and can easily be adapted to fit a wide range of applications, and the needs of individual OEM products.


RapidConnect Diagram_Chips_Vhost(Cutoff).png

RapidConnect enables you to:

  • Add connectivity to your devices in weeks
  • Dramatically cut development costs
  • Sell to multiple platforms, markets, and channels, with minimum SKUs
  • Ensure market acceptance with proven connectivity and world-class support




Why RapidConnect?


Market Access

RapidConnect allows you to sell your product into multiple markets with a single connectivity solution - from cable and telcos, to big box retailers, to major utilities and DR Providers. Or to enable your own independent platform or connected home application.

Accelerated Time-To-Market

RapidConnect allows you to leapfrog development and integrate the latest and upcoming standard versions into your new products —and to support your customers and sales channels by keeping them up to date as standards evolve.



Flexible Serial and Java Interfaces

In addition to RapidConnect’s Serial Protocol, MMB has a full-featured Java library to simplify the process of integration. The library was used successfully by a major Service Provider to Smart Energy enable their platform with two weeks of work.

No Stranded Assets

All of our modules include additional serial flash, which allows for robust support of over-the-air updates. Customers’ products can be field upgraded to add features or the latest ZigBee standard.