A new Website to reflect A new Company

Not just a new Website

Today we’re launching a redesigned website. As you compare it to our previous site, you’ll notice that it feels similar but yet has some really core differences. We’ve spent a lot of time refining it to ensure that it accurately reflects our company, our mission and our focus. That focus is in becoming the World’s leading Smart Energy Networking and Communication Company.


At first glance, you may think that this all looks new – who is this company? In fact, we’ve been working on Smart Energy products since the company’s inception in 2007. Since that time, we’ve delivered multiple products and shipped over half a million units into this market. Creating leading edge products for Residential Solar, Smart Metering, and Solar Tracking just to name a few.


A more focused Strategy

Here at MMB, we remain focused on connectivity and the benefits it can bring to the user experience and the planet. We’ve realized that we can best use our vast talent and expertise to focus on Smart Energy Networking and Communication. By staying focused on this key area of our business, our knowledge in the space continues to grow exponentially as we continue to deliver leading edge solutions that support our customers. This allows us to expand into new areas of the solution, and understand the applications and use cases with even greater expertise.


Growth Multiplier

By committing ourselves to Smart Energy Communications and Networking, we see many opportunities to further accelerate our growth. We’re able to deliver solutions that use technologies best suited to this market. On the innovation front, we’re expanding our product line to include all necessary components to make robust solutions. For our customers, we’ll be present at major industry events and can act as the trusted partner they need. This is MMB Networks in 2024 – your Smart Energy Networking and Communications Company.