Introducing Our New President & CEO

MMB Networks’ Board of Directors is thrilled to announce the promotion of Russell Thomas as new President & CEO.

Previously serving as Chief Operations Officer at MMB, Russell is well positioned to leverage his considerable leadership experience and skills to foster continued growth.


“For the past four years, our confidence in Russell has grown exponentially. He’s been entrusted with MMB’s product strategy and management holding multiple roles of increasing responsibility including: Director of Product Strategy, VP of Product and Operations, and most recently COO.


His responsibilities over the years included the management of worldwide operations, ensuring that our and our customers’ products, supply chain, and manufacturing processes are designed to scale from prototype to mass production”

– Mark Borins, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of MMB Networks.

With over 20 years in product, sales and operations roles, Russell has a proven track record of increasing revenue through both product and market expansion, and effectively reducing costs. Throughout his tenure at MMB, Russell has been an active leader in every aspect of the business, from daily operations to corporate development, customer success, marketing, and sales.

Russell’s intimate knowledge of MMB’s technical capabilities and strong relationships with existing Tier-1 customers makes him an ideal candidate to manage through the leadership transition and continue fostering growth.

This transition comes as outgoing CEO Tim Angus turns his focus towards other projects and companies. Tim’s leadership helped take MMB Networks through a period of incredible growth and change and we wish him every success on his future endeavours.


Leadership During COVID-19

Russell’s first major challenge has been leading MMB through the global shutdown that’s created an interruption in daily life like no one has witnessed in generations. Russell spurred the team into action, developing early action plans to ensure continuity of operations, with the safety of team members always taking first priority.

As a result of this quick action, MMB has successfully transitioned into a remote organization and is fully equipped to continue supporting our customers’ development projects while also driving new business and on-boarding new customers.


“I am excited at what the future holds for MMB Networks. Over the past 12 years we have transitioned from a research organization to a company that’s focused on helping our customers build and bring awesome connected products to market.


With the support of our dedicated team members and loyal partners, we’ll continue to stay focused on delivering exceptional value to our customers to enable their industry leading products and experiences.”

– Russell Thomas, President & CEO


Please join the MMB Networks Board of Directors and all of our team members in congratulating Russell on this amazing new chapter in his career.

– Team MMB