Thread 1.3.0 Webinar Highlights

Thread 1.3.0 Webinar Highlights

On September 29th, 2022, Thread Group hosted an informative webinar on Thread 1.3.0 enabling Matter. Mark Borins, CTO, Co-Founder at MMB Networks was a guest speaker and gave his insights on Thread 1.3.0 examples and features. He also answered some really great questions that were asked during the Q&A session. We’ve captured some of the highlights below.

Full Presentation by Mark Borins

Mark gives an insightful presentation on Thread 1.3.0 features and examples in this recent Thread webinar.



Q&A: Thread stack on mesh devices

How do you put a Thread stack on a Mesh device and can it be used on an MCU development board?


Q&A: Limit on mesh devices

Is there a limit of Mesh end devices installable on a Thread/Mesh network? Are there examples of thousands of WSN end devices installed?


Q&A: Experience implementing border routers

Please share some examples implementing Thread Border Routers.


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