What is IoT Video Series

New Video Series “What is IoT”

The Internet of Things and the number of connected IoT devices is expanding at a rapid pace and there are countless innovative organizations supporting its growth. There are a lot of questions surrounding the IoT including “What is it?”, “How does it work?” and “Does it really make “dumb” devices “smarter”?  MMB Networks has published a new series of videos titled “What is IoT”. Alireza Motamed, Co-Founder and EVP, Engineering at MMB Networks answers a lot of the most commonly asked questions and provides valuable tips on what you need to know when building your own connected products.

Part One:

We begin the series with a short overview on the Internet of Things.



Part Two:

We share more insight on the IoT and how these “things” grab information about themselves or their environment to drive action in another system.


Part Three:

In part three of our “What is IoT” series, we talk about the applications and opportunities in the IoT.


Part Four:

We continue our talk on IoT market categories, this time focussing on consumer IoT applications.


Part Five:

Part five expands our talk on IoT market categories, focussing on public services and infrastructure. Is all this connectivity worth the hype? Watch to learn more.


Part Six:

Interested in building your own connected product? If the answer is yes, you’ll want to watch Part 6 of our “What is IoT” series. Watch as Alireza provides valuable tips on what your main areas of focus should be.


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